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Bring us your requirements and we’ll create a tailored solution that makes work easy

At Targus, we’re all about creating flexible solutions that help you work exactly how you want to. If you’ve got a specific equipment need that we don’t already answer with our range, we’ll work with you to develop a product that delivers precisely what you are after.

A bespoke bag, case or backpack will make it easier for your staff to work. It’s simple, by addressing your needs with a tailored solution we can maximise time savings and increase productivity, while keeping your valuable technology investment safe.

Exceptional quality is the hallmark of a Targus product

Every Targus product is created with you in mind, and that’s never more true than with our bespoke service

Not only will you find the same quality materials and superior construction in your bespoke items as we apply to all our range, you’ll benefit from the latest protection technology and cutting-edge design

Let Targus help with your hallmark product

We have a bespoke solution for you.

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We’ll help you design the ideal solution

We’ll help you design the ideal solution

Our design team are experts when it comes to creating unique workplace solutions. Bring us your ideas, then we’ll take the time to learn about your needs before creating a bag, case or backpack that does everything you need.

Whether we modify an existing product, or start from the ground up, we’ll create an integrated technology solution that puts you in control, so you can improve the way you work and get back to focussing on core business.

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Choose the right bag, in the right colour, with the right logo

Another option to our bespoke solution is to select products from the existing range and for our team to tailor these designs to match your specific needs.

Using a backpack design as an example, you have total control and can customise the following components:

  • Colour
  • Lining
  • Stitching
  • Accent Panels
  • Straps

Here's how we have helped

McDonald’s reduce wait time in drive-thru and significantly improve revenue

We worked with Dell Global to deliver a tablet/case solution to use in the drive-thru section, and as 70% of McDonald’s revenue comes through drive-thru even a tiny improvement in order-times translates to a significant increase in customer satisfaction and profit.

From a full case consultation right through to design, customisation and roll-out, we heavily modified our ‘Safeport’ case to suit their exact needs, and developed a solution to address McDonald’s requirements now, and into the future.

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Adding branding to our ranges is easy with our custom solutions.

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