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We can help you create the perfect employee workspace

At Targus, we combine flexible workspace design with the latest in technology, to create an office space that truly works

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We can help you make the right technology decisions for your office

Designing a corporate office in this fast-changing business world can be a challenge.

What desk setup do we want?

Which technology should I install?

Will it be future-proof?

At Targus, we’re at the forefront of corporate office technology, and have worked with top-tier companies all over the world. They’ve wanted us to setup workspaces that are agile, functional, and enjoyable for their employees, with improved productivity as the key result.

We can help you make the right office setup decisions

Our technology and consulting staff are happy to come to your corporate office and get a clear understanding of your challenges. From there, they’ll suggest potential solutions and recommend technology that’ll achieve your aims.

Whether it’s a new office, a redesign of an existing office, or the re-working of multiple offices throughout Australia & NZ, our team can help.

They can even bring examples of our technology solutions to show you, or arrange a ‘proof of concept’ using specific products that you’ll need in your workspaces.

Let Targus help with your workspace design

We have a tailored solution for you

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We can help you make the right office technology decisions

Targus has been a specialist supplier of technology products for over 30 years, so our range and expertise means we can provide a
total consulting, design and supply solution to you.

Here’s just some of the products and services we use to complete your solution:

  • Universal Docking Stations
  • Docking Software
  • Privacy & Security accessories
  • Workstation
  • USB-C Forward
  • Access
  • Connectivity and Charging Travel Solutions
  • Mobile working accessories

Your office redesigned, in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Our experts will talk with you to understand your business and your processes. By finding out how your staff work, we can recommend improvements from having worked with hundreds of other top-tier businesses.

Step 2

We'll then design a custom solution from you that maximises staff productivity, making it easier for them to work together and produce better results.

Step 3

We'll then deliver - helping you get setup, making sure that everything works as it should and that your staff know how to make the most of their new working arrangements and technology

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We’ve helped lots of big companies create perfect workspaces for their staff

And increase their productivity as a result

By utilising the latest in technology like unversal docking stations that allow staff and contractors to work in any of your offices, countless wasted hours and technology frustrations disappear.

When you have an innovative office space, where everything ‘just works’, collaboration is easier and your staff produce better results.

Companies right across the world are experiencing the success of a Targus workspace consultation … when can we talk with you about improving yours too?

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To arrange a FREE consultation with one of our expert staff, simply fill in your details below and we’ll contact you soon.

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