Protecting Yourself from Back Problems Caused by Heavy Backpacks

Targus - Problems Caused by Heavy Backpacks

Back pain is a very common issue in today’s high stress society, and affects everyone at some point in their life, whether young or old. Most cases of back pain resolve themselves independently or with some light treatment, however there are a number of things we do in our daily lives that can exacerbate our […]

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How to Host a Professional and Effective Video Conference

Targus - Host a Professional and Effective Video Conference

Hopefully, your business no longer experiences extended setup times, poor video quality, and long lags for video conferencing. Today, video conferencing is a vital tool for business organisations. With trends like virtual reality on the horizon, video conferencing looks like it’s here to stay – with new features and improvements to help your remote and […]

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The 18 Essential Accessories You Need for Your Next Business Trip

When travelling for business, having the right technology and accessories to make your trip hassle-free, successful and productive can make all the difference. Most well seasoned business travellers already know what their favourite items to travel with are, however this list of essential travel accessories will boost your travel experience to a truly executive level. […]

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Strategies for Avoiding the Most Common Agile Working Mistakes

Targus - Avoiding the Most Common Agile Working Mistakes (2)

Making the shift to agile working can be a major challenge, and it requires smart management. Understanding common agile working mistakes will equip you with the knowledge to avoid them, while building a more successful agile working environment for your organisation. Common agile working mistakes 1. Low discipline While agile can appear to be a […]

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