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NickyTargus 29 January 2019 News, Technology

Ergonomic backpacks… because your muscles will thank you

Today, work is not simply about turning up at the office. It’s about being able to add value and deliver while on the go, or from wherever you want – or need – to be.

Whether it’s working from the train as part of your day, checking emails in the Uber between client meetings, or connecting remotely while travelling overseas, employees are now able to stay connected and empowered by new technologies.

Simultaneously, they are also being physically weighed down by it in some instances – carrying laptops, powerpacks, keyboards, cables, mobile devices and more.

The long-term health complications that can strike here are more than enough of a reason to make sure you carefully choose a backpack that’s comfortable to carry and can be adjusted to your body – a bag that’s ergonomically designed.

An ergonomic backpack is one that specially designed so that people can wear it comfortably, efficiently and safely. So, what should you look for?

Proper Form: Weight Distribution

The key to an ergonomic backpack is to create less work for your body by shifting the majority of the weight. Most of the weight should sit near the upper middle of the back and as close to the body as possible.

An ill-fitting bag can cause you to hunch your shoulders and back, resulting in poor posture, discomfort and potential muscle strain.

Proper Fit: Adjustable Features

Adjustable features help a backpack conform to the various body shapes and sizes. As the weight inside the backpack increases or decreases, it changes the relationship with your body and therefore it’s important to be able to adjust the bag to your body.

From the placement of straps on your shoulders to the positioning of the torso strap, it all affects the touchpoints on the body that can cause strain, pain, chaffing and more.

 Proper Construction: Comfortable Design

At the end of the day, carrying your backpack shouldn’t take a toll on the body. Simply choose a backpack with an adjustable design and well-thought out weight distribution to keep you comfortable on the go. The Targus Balance™ EcoSmart® Backpack, designed in collaboration with a certified ergonomist, features contoured shoulder straps and lower back padding for maximum comfort and prevents chaffing on the neck and arms.

Its adjustable features help reduce fatigue from long-term wear and air channels on the back help to disperse heat (and those dreaded sweat stains on your nice shirt).

As technology continues to enable us to work outside the office more efficiently, it’s important to consider when you’re toting tech and office gear in your backpack. Look for a backpack with proper ergonomic construction so that you can get things done comfortable and safely.

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