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NickyTargus 19 February 2019 News

How to keep your 2019 health goals on track

At the start of every year, we all have the best of intentions – often making health and fitness resolutions for the months ahead a key priority.

To keep yourself – and your team – on track and working towards your goals, we’ve pulled together a few quick tips to keep in mind throughout the year.

1. Step away from the desk

Working in an office naturally comes with long hours of sitting. It’s important to find opportunities to be mobile and get away from your desk every day.

Taking simple measures to change your environment, like moving to a different part of the office or simply working from café can help get you moving and keep things fresh. You could also turn your usual scheduled a meeting or team catch up into a group walk.

If you introduce more movement into your 9-to-5, you will of course need easy transport solutions for your devices! The 15” CityLite Pro Convertible Backpack, is lightweight to carry and protects your devices while you’re on the go.

2. Keep track with an app!

Downloading health and activity tracking apps for your smartphone is a great way to keep yourself accountable and track your progress.

MyFitnessPal is an easy way to track activity, and it also allows you to take stock of your food intake throughout the day. Options like Nike Run Club are also great for budding runners, building motivation over time through showcasing your progress, and even providing audio-guide coaches.

3. Create squad goals

Group exercise is a great way to motivate yourself and those around you to stick to your health goals. Scheduling ‘squad’ training and activities around your work day as a team can keep you accountable and motivated, ensuring you don’t flake out on your exercise plans.

Set a plan of attack together – look for a local gym club you can all join, or a charity event to train for. Most importantly, find something that everyone can get behind and have fun.

4. Try a good old-fashioned packed lunch

When you take your own lunch to work, you can not only save calories, but also time and money. In fact, Australian workers spend over $1,500 per year on average when they don’t pack their own lunch – that’s $8.3 billion dollars nationwide.

The CityLite Pro Security Laptop Backpack provides enough space to pack and protect your laptop, while also providing generous room for packing everything you need for your work day, including a nutritious lunch.

5. Meditate and stress less

Daily stressors can have a negative effect on your physical and mental wellbeing. Take time each day to reset your mind, build focus and reduce stress with meditation. If you’ve never tried it, there are some great smartphone apps that will help you find moments of peace.

Apps like Breethe are free to download and guide you through simple meditation and breathing exercises anytime of the day.

6. Drink up

Throughout your busy day, it’s easy to forget about drinking that clear liquid that makes up over half of your body. At least two litres of water should be consumed each day to ensure you are replacing the liquid you lose naturally each day from physical activity and sweat. If you’re prone to forgetting to hydrate regularly, set yourself reminders throughout the day!

Simple but super effective, it’s the little things that will help you stay on track and reach those health goals in 2019!