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NickyTargus 10 October 2018 Uncategorized

The Future of Work

Industry Leaders Tell Us Where The Future Of Work Will Be By 2020

Simon Hann, CEO of Educational Institute of DeakinCo had this to say about the greatest impact on workplaces by 2020.

By 2020, professionals will be taking more responsibility for development of their own skills and careers. Employers will be responsible for identifying skills and creating an ecosystem of skills development which links employ to a range of learning that is always on and available. This learning will include MOOC’s (Coursera, Udacity, FutureLearn), subscription content (LinkedIn Learning, Udemy), open source content (Ted talks, YouTube etc), Universities as well as employer programs. Micro-credentials will emerge as a new currency to recognise skill attainment – issued and administered by a range of providers. Blockchain will be used to aggregate and verify credentials as well as other skills development and attainment. This will create greater workforce mobility and enable employers and employees to engage around skills they require and have.

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