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NickyTargus 29 August 2018 News, Uncategorized

The Future of Work

Industry Leaders Tell Us Where The Future Of Work Will Be By 2020

Suzanne Westgate, Head of Workplace Innovation, Employee and Property Services, AGL Energy asked what her opinion on the changing workplace is, Head of Workplace and Property at AGL Energy, Suzanne Westgate believes it’s a constant state of change.

We’ve gone from what I think was transformation to what I now call a workplace rapidly, accelerating the state of evolution. So it’s the workplace race at the moment. We have gone through our transformation but the rate of change has accelerated and we are evolving at the rate of knots. Workplaces evolve over time, they always do but the rate of change has become absolutely significant… there’s constant interaction between people, technology and the space.

“Data is absolutely fundamental to how we manage ourselves at the moment. We carry out frequent workplace surveys and targeted customer surveys as well. We have system feedback loops on everything we do in the workplace. We use Sierraview for a couple of reasons, one, to be able to tell where everyone is but more importantly for our team is report up to the General Manager, which we do on a monthly basis. We report on occupancy and utilisation of their area, what percentage of the area is underutilised and the value of that to the business and we hope that this will drive some of the decisions in decision making, particularly around workplace etiquette.

“Importantly it’s not about having the data but it’s what you do with it”