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45W USB-C PD3.0 Laptop Wall Charger Recall

October 25, 19
45W USB-C PD3.0 Laptop Wall Charger Recall

Important safety information if you have purchased a Targus APA95AU-50 Laptop Wall Charger in Australia or New Zealand. Each unit is supplied with an Australian/New Zealand AC plug head.

What is the issue? 

Targus has become aware that, when unplugging the charger from the power socket, there is a potential on some units for the faceplate to separate from the body of the AC plug head, exposing live parts, presenting a risk of electric shock.

What is the hazard?

Currently available information indicates that the risk may arise if the user attempts to unplug the unit from a power source while the power source is still switched on. The safety of end-users of our products is of paramount importance to Targus, and so as a matter of abundant caution we are undertaking a product recall of the APA95AU-50 in Australia and New Zealand.

What should you do?

  • Do NOT attempt to unplug your APA95AU-50 charger without SWITCHING OFF the power to the charger at the power source;
  • If you are not certain that the power has been switched off, seek qualified help to confirm the power is off and to remove the charger safely; and
  • Contact Targus Australia Pty at anz.apa95@targus.com or 1800 641 645 (AU) 0800 633 222 (NZ) to arrange for a free replacement for your APA95AU-50 (or refund if a replacement is not available).

Targus sincerely regrets any inconvenience caused to the users of our products. 

All enquiries in relation to this product recall should be directed to Targus Australia Customer Service on:

Freecall AU: 1800 641 645
Freecall NZ: 0800 633 222

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