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Discover Targus docking stations with our 30 day free trial program


We make it easier for businesses around Australia and New Zealand to deliver a seamless user experience.
Whether you're interested in faster performance, stronger security, or a seamless media delivery, our free trial will allow your business take our docking stations for a test run.

Start your free trial, and see what a difference having the world's most universal docking stations can make to your business.


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  • Terms & conditions*
    1. Demo/trial units (here in after referred to as Equipment) are provided free of charge by the Stock Owner for valid opportunities to registered customers (hereinafter referred to as The Evaluator);
  • a. For registered customers, Targus requires the following information;
  • i. Company name ii. Contact name at evaluating company iii. Contact phone and email address
  • 2. The trial period is for a maximum of 30 days will begin on on the documented day of receipt of equipment or as indicated on the agreement above;
  • a. Any equipment is laid out in 1. below that is not returned within five (5) days after the trial period has ended, will be deemed missing and a replacement unit will be billed for
  • b. Extensions to trial periods should be requested in writing to a Targus Approved Reseller, Distributor, or the relevant Targus employee
  • i. Extensions can only be approved by a Targus employee and will be done in writing amending this agreement
  • 3. From receipt to Targus accepted return of the equipment, the Evaluator is responsible for all equipment, accessories and parts must be returned in the same condition as received;
  • a. The Evaluator is responsible to return all Equipment above in working order. Failure to do so will result in the Evaluator being liable for the cost of replacement or repair of the equipment/accessory or parts
  • b. All return freight charges will be the responsibility of the Evaluator;
  • i. All Equipment is still the responsibility of the Evaluator until it is receipted at the prescribed Targus shipping address and has been signed off as complete and working
  • ii. Upon reciept of the Equipment, Targus will notify the Evaluator within five (5) business working days of any issues