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The EcoSmart® Tablet Case Range

If you want your devices protected, but also want a lifestyle that keeps the environment protected, Targus has you covered. Targus prioritises quality and protection, now available in an eco-friendly case.

Our new EcoSmart® Tablet Case Range combines environmental design with premium quality and protection. Whichever size tablet you have, we have a range of covers that will protect your device. Browse our collection to find tablet covers that provide tech protection with a low environmental impact for you.

Unique Eco-Friendly Design

Targus embraces the circular economy with our EcoSmart® tablet covers. Their design focuses on using recyclable materials so that they remain recyclable after manufacture. Even the distribution of our cases is eco-friendly, with transit packaging made with 100% recycled materials.

Our cases are just one more example of our passion for the environment and the high level of quality associated with our collection of tablet cases.

This unique cover design also uses biodegradable and post-consumer recycled materials for covers and linings. The tray is both bio and fossil-based, an innovative blend of materials to create the greenest design possible. With a thoughtful design that keeps environmental impact in mind, every option in the EcoSmart® Tablet Case Range features up to 73% eco-friendly content.

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Complete Durability

Our EcoSmart® range of tablet cases ensures you have an eco-friendly tablet cover that is also durable. These cases feature biodegradable materials designed to decompose that still handle the wear and tear of everyday use. Every eco-friendly case is designed to last, a promise we back up with Targus’ limited lifetime warranty. Enjoy peace of mind with the EcoSmart® Tablet Case Range, knowing you’ve picked tech protection that keeps your tablet and the planet safe.

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