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January 18, 24



Navigating through the challenges brought about by the industry’s transition to USB-C technology, Auckland Transport partnered with Targus to refresh their technological infrastructure. Targus responded with the delivery and setup of 900 DOCK182s, harmonising technological advancement and user convenience through collaborative efforts with Auckland Transport. 

The Customer: Auckland Transport

Auckland Transport, an integral public service entity, skillfully navigates between adhering to emerging technological trends and satisfying the diverse needs of its staff and associates. With an evident industry inclination towards USB-C technology and a pursuit of user-friendly tech interactions across numerous
workstations, they sought a solution both innovative and sustainable.

The Project: Navigating Technological Transitions While Enhancing Workstation Efficiency
The technological transition carried an intrinsic complexity: integrating the USB-C advancement with an existing ecosystem of over 900 workstations while ensuring a minimised physical and logistical footprint. Despite years of reliable service from Targus docking stations, Auckland Transport sought an evolution towards user-centricity and a straightforward plug-and-play environment. 

The Solution: Targus Universal USB-C DV4K Docking Station with 100W (DOCK182)
Understanding the nuanced challenges and future aspirations of Auckland Transport, Targus identified the DOCK182 not just as an immediate remedy but as a strategic enabler for future progression. Features such as universal docking, compact design, and a user-friendly interface were pivotal. 

Beyond the hardware, Targus embraced a consultative and methodically planned approach, allowing a tailored roll-out plan that prioritised minimising disruption and optimising installation time-frames.

An important note was the availability of a Senior Field Application Engineer from Targus, acting as a resourceful guide, administering firmware updates, and navigating technical nuances to enrich the user experience and assure consistency during the transition.

"The presence of Targus' Field Application Team provided a clear direction during the whole process, contributing significantly to the efficiency and success of our technological upgrade."
Auckland Transport IT Team Member

From comprehensive site surveys to collaborative planning with Auckland Transport’s IT team, rollout strategies were sharply defined and meticulously implemented. Specialist teams, focused on removing old docks and installing new ones, ensured minimal disruption, tactically navigating through the open-plan office and managing noise and strategic desk group relocations with adept precision. 

"Targus team, adeptly transitioning from old to new docks, minimised disruption and managed strategic desk relocations within our open-plan office effectively."
Auckland Transport IT Team Member


The Outcome: Enhanced Workstation Efficiency & Future-proof Workplace

The strategic planning and actionable insights led to tangible outcomes:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Simplified connections, eradicated the need for multiple adapters, and introduced a straightforward, plug-and-go solution with USB-C cabling.

  • Efficient Rollout: The deployment of 900 DOCK182s, executed in phases, was not just succinct but notably streamlined into a remarkable two-week time-frame.

  • Operational Efficiency: The second phase, which involved the installation of 700 docking stations, was adeptly managed by Auckland Transport’s IT team, applying a template and insights furnished by Targus, demonstrating ease of installation and setup.

  • Minimal Disruption: The united efforts of both organisations ensured installations were conducted respecting Auckland Transport's operational rhythm.



"The straightforward plug-and-go solution with the DOCK182 has not merely improved our daily user experience but has also been crucial in uplifting our operational efficiency."

Auckland Transport IT Team Member

Aligning Future Tech with Present Requirements
The partnership between Auckland Transport and Targus extends beyond a simple hardware upgrade. It narrates a tale where adaptability user convenience and foresight for future technological requisites are smoothly integrated.

Auckland Transport now operates in a technologically enhanced user-friendly and efficient work environment while Targus continues to be a reliable ally persistently providing a sturdy base of support innovation and robust solutions.

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