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The 18 Essential Accessories You Need for Your Next Business Trip

August 15, 17
The 18 Essential Accessories You Need for Your Next Business Trip

When travelling for business, having the right technology and accessories to make your trip hassle-free, successful and productive can make all the difference. Most well seasoned business travellers already know what their favourite items to travel with are, however this list of essential travel accessories will boost your travel experience to a truly executive level.

Noise cancelling headphones

Flying is usually the largest and most disruptive part of any business traveller's itinerary. For the employee of a global business, much of their working life will be spent on planes. It's impossible to overemphasise the benefits of a high quality pair of noise cancelling headphones, as they allow you to block out ambient noise, increase the intensity and interest of your music or movies, and most importantly, allow you to have an uninterrupted sleep, as they will block out the background engine noise of the aircraft. As a result, you'll reach your destination feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Travel wash bag

A travel wash bag differs to your usual wash bag, as it's smaller, sturdier and more compact. Taking miniature sized toiletries is highly preferable to full-sized ones when travelling, and many travel wash bags also have essentials kits that include nail clippers, combs, and other personal grooming accessories.

iPad or other tablet technology

Slim and powerful, an iPad or other tablet allows you to store and access important documents reading material while you're travelling, as well as acting as a portable entertainment portal. It is almost as good as a PC or laptop for checking your emails, and you can maintain communication with friends and family back home easily.

Tablet case

When travelling, your tablet is even more likely to be bumped, dropped and left to fend for itself in a suitcase. Protect your tablet with a Targus tablet case. The VersaVu has a smart-fit 360° rotating tray, offering portrait & landscape viewing that clicks securely around your iPad to protect the front, back and sides from bumps, drops and scratches.

Luggage and tags

The expert business traveller should always have a light, sturdy and compact bag that fits easily into the overhead compartment of the plane. Being able to grab your bag and disembark quickly can make travel much less painful. If you do need to check in your luggage for a longer length business trip, be sure to secure it with a unique, brightly-coloured tag for easy identification.

A spare stylus

Unfortunately, planes are often subject to turbulence, with a bump ride making it difficult to use your tablet efficiently and effectively onboard. A stylus allows you to handle your tablet with precision, and can prevent fatigue and hand cramps. Having a spare stylus is a wise move for the experienced traveller, as they are very small, and therefore easy to lose.

4-port USB hub

A 4-port USB hub will help you connect your peripherals more easily when you set up your mobile workstation, and will allow you to charge all your devices from your laptop at once.This will save you time and hassle.

Portable Docking Station

When travelling, it's easy to lose track of the many different kinds of cables required for your laptops, phones and tablets. A travel docking station can save you the trouble of having to scramble around looking for the different cables you need, offering a single fast USB3.0 connection from your laptop to workspace peripherals. This will save you both space in your suitcase and time trying to organise the necessary cables.

Micro USB Bluetooth adaptor

Being able to make a professional impression at overseas meetings is crucial for a successful business trip. Having a micro USB Bluetooth adaptor will allow you to send and receive files, documents and images from other sources, even if the Bluetooth capabilities are limited. This will enable you to share all the necessary information and presentations with overseas colleagues.

Chill mat

We all know airplanes can be cramped, meaning you'll have to rest your laptop on your thighs when working in your seat. Having a chill mat to place under your laptop disperses the heat using dual fans, preventing the laptop from overheating and keeping you cool and comfortable. The chill mats are ergonomically designed with rubber stops to prevent them from slipping beneath your laptop, and are easy to charge by simply plugging them into your USB port on your computer.


Overseas trips are often made so that businesses can present their products or services to wider audiences and overseas clients. Being able to give engaging and smooth presentations is imperative, so you should always have a wireless presenter in your bag. Having tools such as a side clicker and laser pointer will add a new dimension to the professionalism and effectiveness of your presentations.

Laptop charger

Making sure you have a laptop charger with you is a pretty obvious necessity when travelling, however still very easy to forget. Having a charger that's sturdy, yet slim and lightweight is perfect for having in your onboard baggage, especially for those long-haul flights.

Privacy Screen

When flying, you're sitting in close proximity to people who are more often than not absolute strangers. This makes it all the more important to protect the confidentiality and nature of your work. A privacy screen not only blocks wandering eyes from reading your documents, it also doubles as a screen protector for your laptop or tablet. This gives you confidence in being able to open and view secure documents within compromising your privacy.

Accessories for productive and successful overseas travel

Being able to stay organised, work efficiently and effectively and deliver great presentations is the key to a successful business trip. These accessories will maximise your productiveness while travelling, as well as making sure you get some well-deserved rest as you jet-set the globe!
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