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Increasing Productivity by Enhancing Privacy

August 31, 17
Increasing Productivity by Enhancing Privacy

It's important to protect your workforce from distractions, as well as your company's intellectual property from the intrusion that comes with visual hacking. Employees can feel it when someone is looking over their shoulder, even if the person standing behind them is someone authorized to see what's on their screen. Just knowing sensitive information can potentially be exposed is very distracting, and when someone who is not authorised can view corporate information, work is disrupted.

If a worker can see it, 'they' can see it

Just because a worker is behind company walls, doesn't mean the information displayed on their screen is secure. A variety of people may be on-site in your office at any given time, including vendors, remote employees, contractors, interns, and even the competition (though you may not know it). A leak can still be disastrous and cost the company millions.

Protecting your company's intellectual property

People must stay on guard to protect intellectual property, but the mental vigilance required to keep eyes off sensitive company information - especially in today's open workspaces - is distracting and impedes productivity. The results also showed that 31% of respondents admitted to leaving work early in order to complete their tasks in a more private setting.

The privacy pitfalls of working mobile

Implementing security best practices doesn't do much good if employees are electronically displaying company information when working remotely. As the workforce expands, so do concerns about corporate security. When unauthorised parties are able to view your employee's screen from the next table or airplane seat, there's a potential data breach problem. And it's not necessarily just corporate data at risk. With the velocity of business today, there's a lot of crossover between employees' personal and professional lives. The information exposed on their screens may be corporate I.P., or it may be a personal banking session. Regardless, if an organization is serious about boosting security, it is vital to make it as difficult as possible for passersby to view what's on employees' screens.

Use a privacy screen as your first line of defense

Concerns about the vulnerability of on-screen data - and the loss of productivity caused by 'screen vigilance'-can be alleviated with a privacy screen. Effective and easy to install, privacy screens decrease the viewing angle by varied degrees from a screen edge point of view (POV), with the most common angles being 65 degrees and 45 degrees from edge of the screen. Out of 180 degrees, this leaves only 50 to 90 degrees viewable, respectively-and severely limits what onlookers can see on-screen. Although privacy screens with a 65 degree viewing angle allow less viewable screen area, they can be somewhat dark to work with for extended periods. As you review and refine your security standards, make sure to include privacy screens in your plan; they are your first line of defense in protecting sensitive corporate data.

Why choose a Targus privacy screen?

  • Seven out of ten people prefer Targus - Based on a side-by-side comparison of over 100 people, seven out of ten people preferred Targus 4Vu Privacy Screens over the competition
  • Dual monitor productivity - In workstations with dual monitors, 4Vu Privacy Screens really perform. With viewing angles up to 45° either side of center, 4Vu provides a slightly wider view for a smoother transition between screens.
  • 3 installation options - 4Vu Privacy Screens offer three methods of installation, each providing easy removal and reinstallation-and each requiring only five minutes to initially install.
  • Brightness - At zero degrees, Targus privacy screens are up to 12.4% brighter than the competition.

Protecting your company from visual hacking

Protecting your company's privacy and giving your employees the freedom and confidence to be able to work wherever they want or need to should be high on your priority list. Private company data, communications and documents should kept just that - private - and a security screen for your employee's computers is a great place to start.
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