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How to Empower Your Company's Productivity with Connectivity

September 04, 17
How to Empower Your Company's Productivity with Connectivity

The concept of connectivity is simple: the ability of one device to connect to or communicate with other devices or systems. In order to establish connectivity you've got to be plugged in or, in the case of Wi-Fi, switched on. So, when a professional comes back from a meeting or sales call, how many connections will he or she need to transition from laptop portability to desktop productivity? Peripheral connections generally include a mouse and full-sized keyboard, external monitor(s), Gigabit Ethernet and device charger. That's five connections minimum to achieve basic desktop functionality. One of these (the charger) usually requires crawling under the desk. This is not a smooth transition from portability to desktop workability, and a Universal Docking Station can help to make this a much easier process.

Plug into your company's productivity

Here's a way to get those five or more connections down to just one - a Targus Truly Universal Docking Station. Targus has a portfolio of Truly Universal Docking Stations that will transform almost any workstation into a one-connection, productivity-ready workplace - where neither time nor groundbreaking ideas will be lost. No matter what business you're in or the size of the business, Targus Truly Universal Docking Stations can make the transition from laptop portability to desktop productivity easy, fluid and intuitive. This will help keep your professional's workflow uninterrupted and their train of thought on track. And if your organization has implemented a hoteling or hot desking program, a Truly Universal Docking Station is a must to empower complete connectivity with one USB connection.
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