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May 30, 23

While computers have gotten smaller, they have also gotten more powerful. This power comes in many forms. For instance, better graphics and brightness control is kinder on your eyes. Additionally, more storage space means better processing and speed overall.

But the benefits of modern computers are scalable based on our needs, which makes modern advancements even more attractive. By scalable, we are referring not only to your memory storage bank or software-based needs but to your computer peripherals as well.

In a time where a good chunk of the modern workforce is working from home, computer peripheral devices have become increasingly commonplace. From external hard drives to gaming keyboards to other input and output devices, there is much to take advantage of when it comes to peripheral devices of a computer.

But what are the peripheral devices of a computer? And do you need them for your day-to-day workload (or just in general)? Let’s break these questions down a bit further.


Computer peripherals are external devices that serve as additional computer accessories for your machine. Common peripherals tend to be plug-and-play, which means they don’t have digital circuitry and can be used with just about any machine or computer system.

Keyboard and Mouse bundle

A common example of a pair of peripheral computer devices is a keyboard and mouse. And while external keyboards and mice have long been affiliated with desktop computers, that trend is changing as more and more professionals work from home.

If you have been a long-time laptop user, then you understand those keyboards can get tight, even painful for your wrists after a long day. For this reason, there are many people turning to an ergonomic keyboard for better support. Additionally, the majority of these peripheral keyboards and mice connect via Bluetooth, which means no cluttering your desk with wires.

These types of computer peripheral devices can improve your efficiency as well as your functionality. They are simply improvements to your daily computer setup. And when you think about how much time you spend in front of your screen every day, it starts to make sense to incorporate some additional levels of comfort.


The best part about computer peripheral devices is that they enable you to customize your space. Traditionally, you have purchased a computer because it provides the features you want. Now, thanks to the realm of computer peripherals within your reach, you can have the best of both worlds.

Targus Workstation

Perhaps you are a casual browser at home, have an office you report to every day and leave your computer and monitor and all other accessories there. When you go home, you simply do some browsing on your tablet. Well, why not use an external keyboard and mouse for your tablet?

Once you start considering the options that computer peripherals provide you, you start to see the benefits of incorporating them into your life.

Gamers, for instance, have long known about the benefits of computer peripherals to enhance their gaming experience. From additional control options to better speakers for their room (or headphones) and even cameras to better communicate with fellow gamers.

You could say that gamers tend to lead the charge when it comes to computer peripherals, but the work-from-home culture is shifting this landscape rapidly. People want to be comfortable, and peripheral devices for your computer can go a long way in aiding this comfort.


Sure, loading up your place with a bunch of computer accessories might not be necessary, but as you can see, some might be more helpful than others. Having the right computer peripherals on your side can make a big difference in your functionality and your efficiency.

Help your wrists and clutter with an ergonomic keyboard or mouse, or help your machine’s speed by incorporating an additional storage device. Computer peripherals are growing in popularity because computers are not one size fits all.

Shop our computer peripherals and find something to enhance your everyday experience.

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