3-Way DC Charging Hydra Cable 3 Pin

Increase Connectivity. Decrease Downtime.
Model Number: ACC1009AUX

Regular price $59.95

Perfect for workspaces using Targus powered docking stations, this accessory lets you connect three different power tips to a single cable assembly for convenient connectivity.
  • Accommodates up to 3 different 3 pin power tips
  • SecureFix clips for semi-permanent bonding to the DC cable
  • Electrical failsafe mechanism
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The Targus 3-Way Active DC Charging Cable is an accessory to the Targus family of docking stations. This part accommodates up to three 3 pin power tips to make transition easy for organisations that may operate up to 3 different brands of laptops. It comes with SecureFix clips that will bond neatly to the cable. This model introduces an improvement: a smart feature that will only allow 1 laptop/device to be charged at a time and incorporates electrical failsafe feature to protect your laptop.
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