Spy Guard Webcam Cover 3pk

Model Number: AWH025GL

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It’s no surprise that hackers are looming around nearly every inch of the Internet. One easy target? Your webcam. Protect yourself with three Targus Spy Guard Webcam Covers.
  • Easy to affix to your laptop
  • Available in three colours to match effortlessly with most laptop brands and models
  • Slim size allows for most laptops to close without a gap
  • Sliding closure easily opens and closes to keep camera and devices scratches at bay
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Protectyourself with three Targus Spy Guard Webcam Covers. Even federal agencies recommend covering your laptop webcam.* Once attached it’ll securely stay in place. It easily slides open and closed so that it’s a breeze to access your webcam whenever you’re prepping for a video conference or virtual hangout. It couldn’t be easier to block hackers.

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