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Case Study: Universal Docking Station for OEM Devices

December 16, 19
Case Study: Universal Docking Station for OEM Devices

Through a collaborative effort, Targus was able to help streamline the procurement process and reduce technology spending for Canadian government departments and agencies. Looking for a way to alleviate the need for multiple docks to accommodate a variety of OEMs, our cliensought the advice of Targus sales and field engineering experts. Together, they were able to carefully examine the problem and come up with an optimal solution. The Targus team offered a universal dock that would reduce the clients overall spend on docking stations by 30%.

The Customer: Government Shared Services 

Our client supports the Canadian government by providing IT services, standards design, and technology-related recommendations to partnering departments and government agencies. They support over 450,000 government employees and are responsible for streamlining the buying process of workplace technology devices and software. Their main objective is to create an efficient procurement process that would improve cyber-security, reduce costs, and provide a better government service experience to residents throughout Canada.

The Project: Multiple OEM Devices Created a Challenging Environment for Compatibility 

All government departments (unless exempt for National Security reasons) must use a competitive procurement process that results in buying devices, such as laptops and workstations, based on the lowest compliant bidder – thus having different brands of laptops throughout the organization. Consequently, our client purchased and managed several docking stations to accommodate each workspace. This mixed environment created a challenge of compatibility, an additional burden for IT professionals, as well as increased expenses related to purchasing numerous docking stations. To streamline their efforts, our client sought a solution that would allow all the shared workspaces to be compatible with a variety of OEM devices capable of handling future refreshes. 

The Solution: A Universal Docking Station to Accommodate a Variety of OEM Devices 

Targus was asked to collaborate on a solution that would solve the client’s efficiency problems. Our sales team and skilled engineers worked with the client to analyze the issues and environment. Ultimately, Targus recommended a move to a universal docking station that would support all laptop brands and operating systems. This approach was more cost effective for the client and their primary stakeholders and offered end-user employees improved productivity.

The client was also concerned with having a truly universal product without any additional purchases, extra costs, or expensive adaptors. The team ultimately recommended standardizing on the USB 3.0 Dual Video 4K Docking Station with 90W Power which would provide dual 4K monitor support to any brand of laptop, as well as USB 3.0 power to a variety of OEM laptops. The dock’s included set of power tips ensured users with varying brands of laptops would be able to charge their device no matter which workstation they sat at.

The Outcome: Universal Docking Solutions Reduce Spend and Improve Productivity 

Since the initial roll-out two years ago, the client has installed more than 15,000 USB 3.0 Dual Video 4K Docking Stations. Our client remains highly impressed with performance and functionality of the dock, and their employees rave about its favorable user experience and improved user productivity. They have streamlined the procurement process and are no longer purchasing one dock for every device. They have effectively rolled out multiple shared workspaces and reduced technology spend as well as administrative costs related to supply chain management and help desk support. Most importantly, they reduced their overall spend on docking stations by more than 30% moving forward.

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